Becoming an Automotive Technician or Mechanic in Nashville

If you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding opportunity, becoming a mechanic in Nashville is the way to go! Despite there being no formal educational prerequisites, most employers tend to be on the lookout for entry-level mechanics with post-secondary training. If you learn while working, your job security will be solid and your income exceedingly generous – why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Requirements for becoming an Automotive Service Technician in Nashville

Auto mechanics do not need to apply for a professional license in this city. However, employers do prefer mechanics who have completed a post-secondary automotive technology program. Aspiring technicians can gain certification through accredited technical schools or community colleges in the city.

The following topics may be covered in an automotive technology program:

  • Engine repair
  • Brake systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Diesel engines
  • Automotive repair
  • Manual drive trains
  • Automatic and manual transmissions
  • engine performance
  • Electronic systems

Additionally, having a good understanding of basic mathematics, physics, and electronics is beneficial for mechanics. Hands-on experience is also important to become a successful automotive technician!

Auto Mechanic Schools in Nashville

If you’re looking to pursue a post-secondary education program in automotive or diesel technology within the Nashville region, make sure that it is either accredited or certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Then take a look at some of these programs located below:

  • Lincoln College of Technology. Lincoln’s campus in Nashville provides students with a program that specializes in collision repair and refinishing. Auto body technicians have a unique skillset that enables them to repair and paint the bodies of cars, particularly after an accident. The instructors in this program are ASE certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, while adhering strictly to Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair standards. With these esteemed qualifications backing up their instruction, students can be assured they will gain all necessary knowledge needed for success as auto body workers!
  • Tennessee College of Applied technology.  Located in Nashville, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology is one of the largest public institutions offering automotive technology classes in the entire state. Through this program, students will be taught to use the most up-to-date methods of servicing and repairing automobiles. You’ll learn how to utilize manuals for assistance with diagnosing and correcting auto issues, as well as utilizing resources available and properly using equipment or tools necessary in repair work.

ASE Certification

To demonstrate your expertise and skill in auto repair, become certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)! To qualify, applicants must pass an ASE exam. And to retain this status every five years you can either take another test or apply for re-certification via exclusive programs. Acquiring certification from ASE will be a surefire way to prove your knowledge of automotive mechanics!

If you’re looking to obtain an ASE certification, there are many tests from which you can choose. Here’s a closer look at some of the more prominent exams offered by ASE.

  • Truck equipment certification tests
  • Light repair certification test
  • School bus certification tests
  • Transit bus certification tests
  • Engine machinist certification tests
  • Alternate fuels certification test
  • Parts specialist certification tests
  • Damage analysis and estimating certification test
  • Collision repair and refinish certification tests
  • Light truck certification tests

Job Outlook and Salary Expectations

Employment for automotive technicians and mechanics in Nashville is expected to grow by 4% from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The BLS also reports that automotive service technicians and mechanics in Nashville earned an average annual wage of $46,850 as of May 2021, while bus and truck mechanics and diesel specialists earned an annual wage of $49,430. Automotive glass installers and automotive body and related repairers earned annual salaries of $37,300 and $48,040 respectively.

Auto Mechanic Salaries in Nashville

RegionTotal EmployedMean Hourly WageMean Annual Salary
Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, TN4,900$22,61$46,850

Working as an Auto Mechanic in Nashville

No matter where you find yourself in the automotive repair or diesel technology world, Nashville is a great city to pursue your career. With its bustling auto culture and plenty of job opportunities, Nashville can be an exciting place to live and work. Make sure that whatever school you choose has the necessary accreditation or certification from NATEF, so that employers can trust in your credentials. Good luck on your journey to becoming an auto mechanic in Nashville!


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