Auto Mechanic Schools by State

The following is a list of auto mechanic schools by state. Different states can have different educational requirements for professional certification as automotive mechanics. Some schools may provide classes which only meet their state’s licensing requirements. As you explore auto technician schools, be aware that states may not require the same classes and education for certification.

Schools may also provide programs for working with a specific type of auto manufacturer such as GMFord, Audi, or BMW. These classes can fulfill requirements by automakers for working in their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service centers. Check with your school of choice to learn more about OEM certification requirements.

An auto mechanic and technician school may focus solely on mechanical programs or the school may be part of a larger network that offers education beyond automotive repair and maintenance. Some may also focus on a single aspect, such as engine or collision repair. Schools may offer degree or certification programs through classroom and hands-on education.

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