A BMW mechanic needs to understand the changing technology and processes associated with these German-manufactured vehicles. When a client seeks out a BMW mechanic, they’re doing so because they want a highly trained, highly skilled mechanic. There are greater expectations placed on a BMW mechanic than on a regular ASE-certified mechanic. Those expectations include: These expectations … Read more

Automobile mechanics are essential service providers for many people and businesses. Ford mechanics enjoy rigorous, challenging work as well as pay in their field. The area of automobile mechanics may be expected to grow in the next two years at a rate of 10-20 percent. Those professionals with experience, attention to detail and workmanship, and sharp analytical … Read more

Life can be hard for a technician. Learn anything under the hood about cars and risk multiple face palms at the things that ordinary people seem vigorously determined not to know. Here are three of those things that that most people don’t know but really should. Low Tire Pressure Can Kill You People are likely … Read more

A small engine mechanic may work on a wide variety of equipment, including boats, lawn tractors, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and lawnmowers. They also service and repair smaller outdoor items, such as portable generators and chainsaws. While individuals in this field generally specialize in working on one category of small engines, they tend to have … Read more

While other college students purchase textbooks, book bags, highlighters, and pencils, students in auto mechanic programs may spend several hundred dollars on tools. These tools are important in helping them learn how to service and repair vehicles. After graduation, these tools typically follow them into their careers as auto mechanics. Auto mechanic programs usually provide their … Read more

With the proper education, automobile repair and maintenance can be the route to relatively stable and well-paying employment, because most people rely on cars, trucks, and buses for their everyday mode of transportation. And who might help to keep these vehicles in working order? Auto mechanics, of course! Collectively, we have vehicles that are our … Read more