Is Employer Reimbursement Available for Tuition for Mercedes-Benz Training?


Tuition for any education can be expensive, and students in every industry search for companies and programs that help defer or absorb the cost of secondary education. Tuition reimbursement is one of the most prevalent types assistance offered by employers to students or employees that undergo additional or further training. Mercedes-Benz offers such a program through dealerships for mechanics, sales personnel, administrative, and managerial positions around the world.

Mercedes-Benz may pay for the entire ELITE and ELITE collision training programs for students employed by Mercedes-Benz. The idea is that students can concentrate on training and may not have to worry about where the funds would come from. This program is available at virtually every Mercedes-Benz dealership, and even some dealerships that offer sales from multiple car manufacturers. The Mercedes-Benz training programs are study-intensive and the students are held to a high standard. The ability to have school paid for is an asset for which every student is searching.

Outside of the Mercedes-Benz dealerships, private companies have similar programs to assist employees in Mercedes-Benz training. There are a number of foreign car repair shops that may pay for extended or additional training for their employees. The average cost of training may be close to $2,500; the dealerships and private repair shops understand this may not fit in the budget of an employee supporting a family. The companies may offer assistance in return for a more extensively trained employee and assurance that the employee will continue working for them. The agreement helps both parties involved and has become more commonplace.

Individuals not employed by a dealership or privately owned repair company may need to pay for the programs with their own savings or with a student loan. Financial aid is available, but it depends upon the institution and is typically offered at manageable interest rates. Reimbursement plans and employer aid is still offered to these individuals although the reimbursement typically happens after the individual is hired, and may involve an agreement in which the newly hired graduate commits to a particular term of employment. This agreement, although rare, can be still be found in the market.

Employers seeking new talented Mercedes-Benz service technicians may hire an ASE certified mechanic with the understanding that the student may be enrolled in a Mercedes-Benz training program paid for by the employer. These programs afford young mechanics the opportunity to further their education and skills while being employed, and the employer receives a dedicated employee that may provide skilled services to their customers. These programs are quite common and are often found on a company’s individual job postings online or in print.

The costs of education continue to rise for virtually every profession in every industry. Students are constantly searching for programs, grants, and loans to satisfy this monetary requirement of higher education. Mechanics searching for aid in Mercedes-Benz training may utilize several options including a wide variety of reimbursement programs. These programs are provided by Mercedes-Benz dealerships, privately owned repair shops and by employers seeking young talent as part of their hiring agreement.